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CowParade has become one of the most successful public art exhibits because it is literally open for all to see, unlike galleries and museums millions view their work and artists receive an honorarium for their participation. None of this would be possible however, without the support of our sponsors.

Interested in becoming part of the herd? Find out how to become a sponsor in upcoming CowParade events.

Boyds Bear Country
The World's Most Humongous
Teddy Bear Store

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Passage to India
mooKaamdhenu: Indian Holy Cow
more about sponsor
The Patriot-News
mooThe 'burg Celebrates
mooBreaking Moos Cow
mooJump This!
mooOne Herd
more about sponsor
mooAd Cow Disease
more about sponsor
Pennsy Supply, Inc.
mooThe Harrisburger
more about sponsor
Pennsylvania Automotive Association
mooSusquehanna Sunset
more about sponsor
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
mooMooving Home to Pennsylvania
more about sponsor
Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Education Foundation
mooScience Cow
more about sponsor
Pennsylvania Lottery
mooLotto Moola
more about sponsor
Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association
mooConstance, the Constitution Cow
more about sponsor
Pennsylvania State Bank
mooMoodame Mootilda
more about sponsor
Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Foundation, Inc.
mooLiberty Belle
mooUdderly Californian
mooStamp Cowlection
mooFalling Cow
mooBlanketed Bovine
mooTrojan Cow
mooFrom a Cow's Point of View
mooEducational Cowch for Life with Calfee Table and Cowputer
mooLock Haven in Black and White
mooSkyline Cow
mooThe Elusive Sea Cow
mooMan's Relationship with the Domesticated Cow
more about sponsor
mooMooving Toward the Future
more about sponsor
mooThe Red Dress Cow
more about sponsor
Premier Eye Care Group, Inc.
mooSuscow Hannah Sunset
more about sponsor
Priority Systems, Inc.
more about sponsor
PRK-MOR, Inc. and Walker's Art & Framing, Inc.
more about sponsor
Pugliese Associates
more about sponsor

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