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CowParade artists range from acclaimed to amateur, young to old. Diversity in art is ensured by the approach that CowParade takes when soliciting artists and reviewing designs.

Yesid Gomez
See his cows: Musa #3 and Holy Cowstruction

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Lorna E. Carlson
mooThe Sunday Cowmics
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Joanne P. Cassaro
mooMootivational Cow
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Andrew Cerjanic
mooSpace Cow
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Ophelia Chambliss
mooMusic COW Extravaganza
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Jennifer Clugston & Nicole M. Fiedler (Slippery Rock University of Pe
mooFrom a Cow's Point of View
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David E. Cook
mooMiss Udder Lee deLishiss
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Barbara E. Cramer
mooStar of Pennsylvania
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